A Small Organic Farm Contemplates COVID-19 and Food Security

This is written by my friends at FOLO Farm in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, as a response to an SCMP news article on food security during the COVID-19 lockdown.

π˜π˜Œπ˜ˆπ˜‹π˜“π˜π˜•π˜Œ: β€œπ˜Šπ˜°π˜³π˜°π˜―π˜’π˜·π˜ͺ𝘳𝘢𝘴: 𝘧𝘰𝘰π˜₯ 𝘴𝘦𝘀𝘢𝘳π˜ͺ𝘡𝘺, 𝘈𝘴π˜ͺπ˜’β€™π˜΄ 𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘡 𝘣𝘒𝘡𝘡𝘭𝘦 π˜ͺ𝘯 𝘒 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘡-𝘊𝘰𝘷π˜ͺπ˜₯ 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘭π˜₯”


Offering a response to this news as a small organic farm community in JB.

We don’t have to be afraid if, from this pandemic experience, we can all support each other to wake up and act decisively to regain our food sovereignty.

5 years ago, before we started FOLO farm, we would have been more worried, maybe even paralyzed, by such news. This worry would have then colored and informed our actions: Throwing in a few more bags of rice in the supermarket, visiting the instant noodle and canned food aisles again, temporarily suspending our knowledge of how bad processed food can be… Following the herd. Continue reading